Rhomberg Instruments focus on Quality as the most important competitive requirement to win in the world market. Our ability to respond swiftly to customers needs and specifications gives us the edge in our field of expertise. Rhomberg Instruments commitment to quality earned the company the ISO 9001 certification. This quality certification from the International Standards Organisation assures customers that the necessary policies and procedures to ensure consistent quality have been established and are maintained.

Rhomberg Instruments’ products also conform to the international standards in mechanical and electronic design. The company’s electronic products such as pressure transmitters and digital pressure gauges carry the CE mark and its pressure and temperature gauges carry the endorsement of the SABS 1062 mark. All manufacturing equipment used in the manufacturing facility is SANAS-approved by a SANAS Accredited Laboratory. All products manufactured by Rhomberg Instruments are traceable to both national and internationally recognised standards.

In-house product design is based on a wealth of experience and has ensured Rhomberg Instruments’ renown for its front-line technology. Production takes place in an environment of flexibility and precision. All manufactured products are fully tested and quality checked before leaving the facility.