Projects and Services

Process Instrumentation Systems Engineering Design and Commissioning

Instrumentation Calibration Methodologies

Provide application specific process instrumentation for optimum plant processing and extended lifecycle.
Process optimisation technologies.
Instrumentation calibration services for accurate plant and product processing output.
Advanced automated systems in plant and production facilities.
Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) hardware for factory and hazardous areas.
Analytical instrumentation systems for liquid and gas analysis.

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Cape Town industrial gauges

Engineering & Design services:

Rhomberg Instruments capability to provide engineering and design services are:

  • I/O Schedules
  • Provide budgeting on Control & Instrumentation equipment during pre-feasibility and definitive feasibility studies
  • Compile engineering design standards relevant to plant type
  • Supply Instrumentation datasheets specific to applications
  • Recommendation on best suited Instrumentation to achieve specific tasks
  • Supply and commissioning of process instrumentation
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Reliable, Comprehensive and Competent SANAS Calibration Services

Pressure calibration services can be custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements. The importance of pressure/Temperature gauge calibration and pressure/Temperature transducer/Transmitter calibration cannot be understated as these devices continue to be some of the most commonly used and relied upon instruments in today’s manufacturing environment. However, due to their great numbers, there is often a lack of attention given to these instrument’s calibration intervals and readings can become compromised. Due to this lack of attention, it is not uncommon to see many instruments out of calibration or not functional at all....The lack of control of pressure, temperature, or force in your process, whether it be a pressure gauge, temperature gauge or a pressure transducer or temperature transmitter is a major safety, regulatory, and quality issue! Rhomberg Instruments can provide the technical expertise to properly calibrate these instruments and provide peace of mind for your processes. Product quality, operational safety and cost effectiveness relate directly to an accurate and reliable registration of the process variables. Therefore, you should entrust the calibration and maintenance of your measuring instruments to a competent partner, to Rhomberg Instruments.

Rhomberg Instruments’ pressure calibration laboratory received its SANAS (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) accreditation in September 2007. Our temperature calibration laboratory is in the process of receiving its SANAS accreditation as well. We offer in Lab Calibrations services or for your convenience, On-site calibrations services with our mobile calibration units.